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Покупка игр за деньги по своему смыслу и эффекту ничем не отличается от доната стримеру. Is using Reshade and SweetFX in Battlefield 3 safe? I would like to try them , but I don´t want to get banned by punkbuster. So I recently upgraded my monitor from an Asus PB278q(60hz 1440p), to an Asus PG279Q and I am struggling seeing enemies unless I turn my brightness on my monitor up to at least 60, if not more, but then it's so bright it literally makes my head hurt. I have always followed the calibration on TFT's website to calibrate my monitor and tweak from there but with Battlefield 5 I can hardly see anyone. I've turned my in game brightness up to 100 but unless I turn my monitor brightness up to a minimu. Battlefield 3 SweetFX/ReShade Graphics Mod Awesome!! 4K UltraHD Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1070 Ti. Intel Core i7 8700K. Reshade 3.1.2 Used,Nvidia Driver 397.31. It seems to be a major fail on Battlefield V and Metro Exodus. amp#x200B; But still could be useful if users could potentially create their own post processing image filters and share with others. People already do it with Reshade. DLSS would just enable more powerful things. amp#x200B; One image processing neural network that I've been using to upscale some low res logos is waifu2x. It really works if you don't want to wate time vectorizing one art and just want a simple higher Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web browser. If you are in your nature a competitive player, the one who tweaks every setting, every detail until they're perfect to have the most favourable position to win the game regardless of how the game looks - i don't think you will enjoy this game. Battlefield V forces you to have TAA enabled, which makes your game look blurry, close quarter fights chaotic and long distance fights impossible. There is a way to "disable" TAA but you'll have to have 1% motion blur enabled, which creates a situation. Both boot into the game with a white screen. I'm using the latest version of reshade 12 Battlefield 3: The game plays great but blurry render distance ruins everything. At 1080p at distance you can't see anything unless you renderscale it at 140% and maybe use sharpening filter with reshade. In battlefield 1 I only use a render scale of 120 and in game settings which looks sharper than bfv. I have tried every setting and will try to reinstall because either my game is broken or people don't notice the blurred visuals in the distance. which makes only close range gunplay viable. Back to Karkand. 3840x2160 DSR 4xMSAA ULTRA USAS-12 CPU : i7 3930K @ 4,7Ghz MB : Asus Rampage IV Extreme RAM : Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR3-1651 My colorblind buddies, how do you deal with the sights blending in with the background? I cant freakin see shit if the background is anything other than pure black. Is there any talk of colorblind mode/ sights coming to the game? Update: Did lots of testing and digging around and for me setting the windows setting for colorblind mode to "protanopia" helped the most although its still kinda hard to see (thank you /u/tiitoqc). Also i found out that the reason why sights Easily manage your ReShade installations and presets. Graphics enhancement DICE. you make the blurriest looking piece of s\ \ t game with antialiasing on, and with it off it is the most aliased game ever. and if i want to counteract both by using FXAA and reshade sharpen, of course the game refuses to boot with reshade. so to play battlefield 1 i have to deal with looking at your blurry piece of s\ \ t which is somehow even blurrier than the ps4 version. amp#x200B; dice you are trash, and i'm not gonna buy battlefield V. i only bought 1 cause Fallout 4 Mod install order Foundation mods Fallout 4 Script extender Latest Reshade UF4P Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource ArmorSmith Extended Unlimited Companions Framework MCM ----------------------------------------- I am wanting to use Reshade + Sweetfx, Reshade + SweetFX in Battlefield 1? Serbusfish. 65 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield, Battlefield 1 Member. October 24, 2016 11:48AM. Hello everyone, Tosh here, your friendly neighbourhood Community Manager. For those of you who missed out on the Twitch stream ( answering your questions, I did a quick write-up of everything that was answered. I would like to take a moment here and thank every one of you for the continued support you give our dream; words cannot express how much it truly means to us. gtQ: Would you mind completely ignoring any and all questions if i go on this site and download Reshade set up and use it in BF 4 is it banneble. I am really curious, it's not like the game looks bad, but it looks bland in my opinion. Even with the ReShade in place I feel like something is lacking. I know - realism and all, and that Battlefield is intentionally overcameronized, but seriously it lacks something and I cannot tell what. Perhaps better and more diverse textures and vegetation? More shaders? Effects? I can't tell, really. Anyway, hopefully something is in the works. Thanks March 3, 2017: elpiimsguajee: 52: 1240: ReShade ╚═(Zynx's Battlefield 1 Preset) ReShade: Battlefield 1 Real Life Mode: Oct. 25, 2016: maxxwho: 21: 6214: ReShade: Bopper's BF1 Beta Preset: Aug. 30, 2016: bopper2010: 5: 853: ReShade: Cinematic War Stories Preset. I'm running SE. I have a GTX 960 2gb, 16gb of ram, an i7 6700x and am getting 30 - 45 fps with these (main) mods: - Nyclix's ENB Reshade - Verdant grass mod (512 textures) - Realistic water two - Simply bigger trees - SMIM - osmidus SE retexture pack - and a about a million small specific 2k retextures for items My question is - should I be getting better performance? What am I doing wrong? I have seen people with MUCH worse rigs get 50 - 60 fps. any help is appreciated :) Bdw PC gamer. Following the latest client update on Origin, my Reshade effectively shuts off my keyboard controls in-game. this happens I don't see this topic on reddit alot (atleast in the way I'll explain) and I wanted to find out if other people have the same problem. I posted this on the official forum but got no response. My complaint isn't the removal of temporal filtering as I didn't used it before, I had my AA setting on "Off" and post process AA on "TAA". I used reshade to inject a little bit of sharpening and the game look and performed good. My PC specs are as follows: CPU: FX8320@4.4Ghz GPU: MSI Radeon The new Reshade 3.0 is here, there tons of massive changes and new features in the 3.0 version, not to mention an awesome in game GUI so you can now edit and make your presets while in Fullscreen mode in games giving you greater control overall. The shaders are now downloaded directly The hardest thing for me in this game is looking at it. Everything is VERY blurry, I'm even using Reshade to help native anti aliasing (which is a pretty scum in his job), but I never played a survival/fps game so blurry (not arma, not dayz, not battlefield, not csgo, etc.). Maybe I've something wrong in setting (everything on very low excpet for Texture ad Ultra and AA at medium) but there is some witchcraft to improve this? Devs had spoken about something about that for the future? Steam Community: . WHY U BLUE FILTER DICE? ----- DESCIPTION ----- Just a thing I've done this weekend when I didn't Unfortunately I messed up making my previous album ( and got locked out so couldn't add more pictures. Part 1 Album ( Part 2 Album ( Since there are a lot of images (400+!!) here is an index. ID Setting/locale Index --- --- --- 01 Night, raining, Novigrad docks Link ( 02 Night, raining, Hanging Battlefield 3 • 7680x3240 • ReShade beta w/ MasterEffect ReBorn 1.0.307 • Freecamera by Hattiwatti and EngineerIsaac Contact Me • Twitter. What are some games that'd look great and run decent @4k on an average GPU? I'm on a 390 and 6600k so far playing: Rocket League @60+fps DS1 w/reshade @30fps(locked) Mass Effect Trilogy modded @60fps Battlefield 2: Bad Company @60+fps Dota 2 @60+fps I'm thinking things with good textures will help get best amount of fidelity. BF2: BC was great because of this. DICE always has great textures. I installed properly reshade into the Battlefield 4 directory and when i launch the game it works perfectly but i can't use keyboard and the mouse, the mouse only works in the menu. The same things happen with Battlefront. Help Me OBI-WAN. На днях состоялся релиз новой версии ReShade 3.0.3, средства значительно улучшающего графику в играх. As the title says, I was thinking of using ReShade because I'm not a very big fan of the game's color grading. However, I want to know if one can get banned for using ReShade in Battlefield 4. Are there any reports of people getting banned for using. Battlefield 1 meets Reshade 3.0Goals of this mod: Vivid and Natural Colors - More Sharp - More Contrast - Blur removal. Download and hay nhất. I got Reshade today and I didn't like the way the text would always show up at the top and make your game really laggy for a few seconds. This would also happen when I would Alt-Tab. I downloaded Reshade 3.0.5 and I got a BF4 preset. After I found out that it wasn't for me, I tried to uninstall it. I uninstalled the setup menu and the preset. I uninstalled everything Reshade/SweetFX related and also I double-checked. When I went back into Battlefield 4, the text would still pop up and make every. View the Mod DB Vivid Reshade mod for Battlefield 2 image Image. I'm trying to get SweetFX/Reshade to work for Battlefield 3 and am having zero luck. Can someone confirm if it works under Windows 10, if so is there a guide please to get it working? Thanks. Battlefield 1 Realistic Graphic Mod. Here you can see the comparison between Vanilla and our Reshade 3.0 preset. Download and Enjoy! ️ Subscribe if you liked: 👍 Like us on Facebook: 🏃 Follow us on Twitter: 📸 Screenshot on G+: So i downloaded SweetFX 1.5 and 1.4 to play games with SweetFX. I installed it and tryed some shaders but they dont work. In every game, it does nothing. Same in Battlefield and War Thunder. Scroll lock does nothing and ext. Then i sayd fuck it all and tryed Reshade Framenet. Menu was much easyer and better to use. I installed it and tryed some shaders but in every game i get this error. Game becomes laggy and i even cant play it. I even dont know how to uninstal. I own bf2 but not on steam. I use reshade in a lot of my game but never in any BF game. Is it possible for me to be banned online if I use reshade on BC2? Thanks. Buenas a todos. Desde hace unas semanas vengo utilizando en Guild Wars 2 un reshade que es, hablando mal, la ostia. Ha salido su versión 2.0 y mientras ando preparando el vídeo con todo, aquí os dejo la información básica sobre el. Espero que os guste, y cualquier problema no dudéis en comentar. TODO OBRA DEL GENUINO @trolasodemierda Descarga: Guía de instalación. 1) instalamos el programa en modo administrador Battlefield 3 • ReShade • Freecamera by Hattiwatti and EngineerIsaac Contact Me • Twitter • YouTube Description • Thanks. I had been using SweetFX for about a year with Windows 7. I was using RadeonPro as the injector, as I found it to be the best manager for games and it was easy to tweak other settings, such as v-sync. Anyhow, I updated to Windows 10 upon release and I haven't been able to get SweetFX to work with Battlefield. I've literally tried every version of SweetFX and every injector / management software and I don't have any sucess. RadeonPro will launch the game, I get the "SweetFX ON/OFF" in the top-r. Hey, I installed a Reshade/sweetfx preset but I didnt like it so I'm now trying to uninstall it. I deleted all files in the witcher 3 folder. Explore Battlefield's history with videos and trailers for Battlefield 3, EA and DICE's award-winning first-person-shooter. Last week's PC Gamer QA asked: which of your existing games did E3 2018 make you want to play? Bo answered with The Witcher 3—and while I've finished Geralt's third outing myself, Noelgal's Enhanced Reshade mod is enough to merit a return. A number of worthy visual overhaul. Улучшенное изображение картинки для Ведьмака 3 с помощью пресета для Reshade + Master Effect. Battlefield 3 скачать торрент. Battlefield 3 оставляет позади всех своих конкурентов, благодаря мощностям нового невероятного игров. Исследуйте историю Battlefield, смотря видео и трейлеры Battlefield 3, отмеченного наградами шутера Reshade никак не влияет на качество текстур в игре или других составляющих. С помощью ее НЕЛЬЗЯ убрать тени или траву!) Это некий фильтр. Battlefield 1942 - 2002 Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Macintosh operating systems2. Battlefield 1942: nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 ГБ / AMD Radeon RX 480 4 Battlefield 1 "ReShade". Battlefield 3 v1.0 All No-DVD Reloaded. Games that aren't listed below are still very likely to work with ReShade but where not reported to do so by community members yet. The depth buffer provides. EA und DICE haben bekanntgegeben, dass der Download von Update 3 f r Battlefield 5 Blitzeinschlag zum Download bereitsteht. Wie immer beginnt. A ReShade Preset that offers the game a more Cinematic/HDR look and performance friendly. Find all the latest PC Games Mods on You can filter your search by including or excluding tags. To add tags, simply start typing the tag you're after. Separate new tags with spaces. 実はちょっと前から「Steamのゲームのほとんどが起動できない問題」に直面していたのですが、調べてみたら単純な問題. pubg設定ガイドの目次. 幅広くまとめたので、読みたいと思ったところへ飛んでください。全部知りたい…という人は最初. Ce mod graphique pour GTA 5 rend le jeu ultra-r aliste. Il n cessite VisualV. Compatible avec GTA V sur PC. Si vous avez d j install un mod graphique. Welcome to our list of best Total War: Warhammer mods. All of the Total War games have rich modding scenes that offer a range of useful tweaks, balance. Steamの上級者向け設定に「起動オプション」という項目がある。これを使ってPUBGのフレームレートを改善したり、普通とは. In this section you can find all community made Miscellaneous addons for Arma 3. You can use the filters to set the prefered order of the files including alphabetical. Unlimited access to 4K gaming videos to remix analyze. Game fans had a lot to be excited about at Sony’s PlayStation Experience last week. Psychonauts 2, for example! Many of the more promising games. フリースタイルゲームフィルターとは. Geforce Experienceで追加された機能で、ゲームのプレイ中にポストエフェクト(後. Digital Foundry specialises in game technology and hardware reviews, using bespoke capture and analysis tools to provide a unique look at the way games. Playerunknow's Battleground, Grand Theft Auto V, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tekken 7, Battlefield 4, H1Z1, TES V: Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. GTA 5 is nearly 4 years old now but the modding community is still making it feels as great as ever! Here are the top 20 must-have Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 Ti Founders Edition used in this testing. An earnest attempt to discuss the technology of Battlefield 5 Firestorm in real-time. Es gibt viele Mods f r Civilization 6. Wir stellen euch in diesem Special zehn sehr beliebte und n tzliche Mods vor. Damit k nnt ihr euer Spiel. Здесь все реквесты, поиск желаемых/забытых игр, вот это всё. The latest thing to irritate fans of Fallout is Bethesda's use of the banhammer against modders. In this section you can find all available community made addons for Arma 3. All files are sorted by category. If you can not find the file you are looking グランド・セフト・オート5写真大好きブログ!gta5攻略情報ほか. グランド・セフト・オート5(gta5,グラセフ5)の最新情報や.